Become a VetTube speaker

Are you a (VET)EXPERT?    
Are you interested in HELPING VETERINARIANS in their continuing EDUCATION?
Then join us and become a VETTUBE SPEAKER!

In May 2015 our company 2Learn (www.2learn.pro) has had the pleasure to launch this VetTube platform, an online video library of certified educational videos in the veterinary domain. VetTube allows continuing education of veterinarians 24/7 by an eLearning mode and contains videos in different domains (scientific, technical and management).

In our objective to increase our high-quality offer for vets in a continuous way, we are looking for new valuable VetTube speakers that meet the required criteria. At present we are mainly looking for English, French, German and Dutch native speaking contributors.

To be accredited by the Belgian Veterinary Board (Walloon Region), each speaker has to provide not only the proof of his professional experience in the discussed field, but also of his teaching capabilities. Each topic/conference must correspond to or be in line with a University course (master level).

The videos, that are destined for veterinarians and therefore need to have a value for vets and their (daily) practice, are only available on a deferred basis. The conferences must thus be a presentation comparable to a congress, that doesn’t allow interaction with the learners.


A VetTube speaker who meets the above mentioned criteria, undertakes to prepare his conferences (oral presentation, presentation slides, short summary for each video, proceedings, …) by following the instructions that are mentioned in an agreement and worksheet. The conference, created by the speaker, will be filmed and edited by our care. Video shooting data will be scheduled and the speaker will be asked to fit his agenda into this schedule.

Besides the participation to an international recognized project, each speaker will be rewarded through an agreement.


If you are interested in this type of collaboration, we would like to ask you to send us the following information by mail to vettube2learn.pro (Subject of your mail: “Application VetTube Speaker – your title + name”):

-    Complete curriculum in English including:
> your personal address    
> field(s) of competence + title of your degree(s)    
> professional experience     
> teaching experience

-    Complete contact details (e-mail, telephone, …)
-    Your proposition concerning the number, language and topics of the videos that you could realize (please be as precise as possible)

If your profile meets our criteria, we will send you more information in the shortest possible delay.

We are convinced that, thanks to your collaboration, we are in the possibility to realize a high quality product adapted to our clients’ needs and expectations.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration!

In the domain of small animals, we have at present a special interest for speakers (specialists) in the following topics (but other propositions are of course more than welcome):

-          Dermatology, e.g.:

> Dermatitis by hypersensitivity to flea bites

> Otitis

> Eosinophilic Disease in Cats (scotch-tape test and treatment)

> Dermatophytes (ringworm) in dogs and cats

-          Orthopedic examination of the dog (localization and characterization of lesions in case of lameness)

-          Neurological examination of the dog when suspicion of disc disease

-          The “yellow cat” (different causes of jaundice/icterus in cats)