Transiënte BVDV infecties, te vrezen of niet?

This presentation attempts to inform the practitioner on health and economic effects of transient bovine viral diarrhea (BVDV) infections in cattle. In a first part an overview of recent outbreaks of transient BVDV infections in Belgium are presented, with details on anamnesis, diagnostic approach and outcome. In a second part, scientific evidence on the effects of transient infections on health and economic parameters is added to the gut feeling from the first part. Focus is on the role of transient BVDV infections in bovine respiratory disease. Some recent publications with direct interest for the practitioner (diagnosis by PCR and use of dexamethasone) are highlighted and a meta-analysis on the effect of BVDV vaccination (live and inactivated vaccines) on morbidity and mortality is presented. In the last part, a take home message about the possible consequences of transient BVDV is formulated with the focus on how practitioners can adjust desired protection of the herd to the infection risk of the herd and the risk attitude of the farmer

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Bart Pardon

Bart Pardon graduated in 2007 as a veterinarian at Ghent University with highest honors. He received the price for the best master thesis and was awarded the price of the faculty of veterinary medicine for his graduation results. He immediately joined the department of Large Animal Internal Medicine (Ghent University), where he enjoined a general internist training and further focused on ruminant health. In 2012 he defended his Ph.D thesis on drug use, morbidity and mortality in veal calves with emphasis on respiratory disease. He followed postgraduate education in the area of biostatistics, epidemiology and animal experimentation. Since 2013 he is a resident of the European College of Bovine Health Management. He (co)authored 40 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and frequently speaks on (inter)national conferences and symposia (60 presentations). He’s an occasional reviewer for 11 scientific journals. Since 2012 he is the treasurer of the Flemish Buiatrics association. At present he is assistant-professor at the same department, responsible for the ruminant division of the clinic. Since 2013 he is a co-lecturer in ruminant internal medicine and physiology. His current research projects are on enterotoxaemia in calves (IWT grant), rational antimicrobial use and respiratory disease diagnostics in calves (Flemish government). He has a special interest in calf health, diagnostics and transabdominal ultrasonography. 

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