Sepsis in foals

During the neonatal period, sepsis in foals is the number one reason of hospitalization and is associated with a high mortality rate. It is also a very frequent comorbidity factor for many other neonatal diseases. Early recognition and adequate treatment of this disease is associated with a better prognosis and fewer complications. The goals of this presentation are to review and understand the pathophysiology of sepsis in foals, to recognize the risk factors and clinical signs associated with this disease and to review the etiologic agents commonly involved in sepsis in the newborn foals in order to elaborate a rapid diagnosis and choose the most appropriate treatment for these patients.

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Laureline Lecoq

Boarded from the American College of Internal Medicine, ACVIM in 2008, Laureline Lecoq graduated from the University of Liège in 2003. After one year of internship in private practice, she fulfilled a residency in equine internal medicine at the University of Montreal where she stayed for 7 years. She worked as a clinician in equine internal medicine in the veterinary teaching hospital of Saint-Hyacinthe and fulfilled a master in clinical science in neurology in foals. Since 2011, she returned to Belgium where she worked in a private clinic in the province of Liège before opening her own ambulatory practice in internal medicine. Internal medicine and horses are truly a passion for Laureline Lecoq that she loves to pass on whenever she gets the chance, participating in lectures and scientific meetings in Belgium and abroad. She is the author of several articles published in scientific veterinary journals, book chapters and articles in journals for the general public.

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