Psychotropes en médecine comportementale du chien : principaux psychotropes

L’objectif de la conférence: connaître suffisamment les 9 médicaments psychotropes principaux pour prescrire efficacement et sans effet secondaire. 

Les psychotropes principaux sont la sélégiline, la liothyronine, la gabapentine, la fluvoxamine, la fluoxétine, la clomipramine, l’alprazolam, la sertraline, la miansérine. Chaque psychotrope est décrit : effets, indications, dosage, effets secondaires, protocoles de prescription. 

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Joël Dehasse

Joël Dehasse, doctor in veterinary medicine (1979) is a behavioural specialist (ECAWBM 2003). He is the founder (and past president) of GERC, ESVCE and ECAWBM. He consults in Belgium and Switzerland. He gives training courses annually in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Quebec, occasionally in Italy, Poland, Brazil…, to veterinarians and behaviourists. He has been the author of popular science books on dog and cat behaviour since 1982. He was honoured with the FAFVAC award in 2014 for his contribution to the advancement of behavioural veterinary medicine in the French speaking countries. 

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