How to select an appropriate dressing for woundhealing in horses

This video will explain how to choose primary layer dressings for optimizing wound healing in secondary healing wounds based on the phases of wound healing. Choosing the most appropriate dressing is paramount to allow for expedient wound healing and avoidance of exuberant granulation tissue. Judicious use of the dressings will have a high cost - healing ratio benefit. 

Realized in partnership with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences of the University of Copenhagen

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Stine Jacobsen

Stine Jacobsen is Professor of Large Animal Surgery at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She graduated as DVM from the same institution in 1998 and obtained her PhD in 2003. Stine Jacobsen’s main clinical and research interests are large animal surgery, surgical pathophysiology, inflammation, joint diseases and wound management and healing. Stine Jacobsen has worked exclusively with large animal surgery for more than 10 years and has authored multiple papers and book chapters within that field.


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