GI disorders in dogs - Diagnosis and ‘Food-responsive diarrhoea’

In this webinar, targeted at general practitioners managing first opinion cases, Dr Hein Meyer will give an update on the management of chronic canine gastrointestinal disease. The webinar will in particular focus on recent advances in the understanding of chronic enteropathy including how to manage patients with the most common causes of CE: food responsive chronic enteropathy and antibiotic responsive chronic enteropathy. There will be particular emphasis on which foods to choose for CE patients and why. The webinar will take an evidence based approach to the diagnosis and management of these cases using a case study for illustration.

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Hein Meyer



After graduating from the Utrecht University Veterinary College in 1983, Dr Meyer spent five years in private small animal practice on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Curaçao. He joined the Utrecht Veterinary College in 1988 where he completed an Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at the Small Animal Clinical Department. He is a Diplomate with the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Companion Animals). As lecturer at the Small Animal Clinical Department, he was responsible for the areas of hepatology & nephrology.

He conducted extensive research and wrote numerous peer-reviewed papers and book chapters in the field of hepatology and internal medicine and received his PhD in 1998 on hepatic encephalopathy in dogs.

He was presented the prestigious 'Award for Distinction' in 2003 by the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association for his work in organising national and international CE for many years.

Hein Meyer joined Hill’s Europe as Director of Professional Affairs in 1999, and is currently Director of Professional & Veterinary Affairs in Europe, the Middle East and Russia, overseeing the veterinary business channel for Hill’s in the region.

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  • EN Detailer Digestive Care jan 2017
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