Imaging of the neck

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In this presentation the anatomy and imaging anatomy of the soft tissue components of the neck are reviewed. All imaging modalities are covered and examples of the most common diseases and their imaging features are given. Whereas radiography is of more limited value, ultrasonography is a fairly simple technique that can easily be added to the clinical exam. CT or MRI are more and more accessible to veterinarians and make part of this presentation. This presentation does not cover neuroimaging.

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Veerle Volckaert


Veerle Volckaert graduated as a Master in Veterinary Medicine from Ghent University in 2010. She continued working at the University, doing a one year an internship that was followed by a residency at the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (ECVDI). She received the diploma of the ECVDI in 2015 and currently still continues collaborating with Ghent University on a PhD in nuclear medicine while working in private practice in the United Kingdom. 

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